I am an integrative transpersonal psychosynthesis practitioner with a holistic approach to healing, growth and long-term transformation. Transpersonal counselling incorporates mind, body, feelings and soul enabling you to better deal with life’s difficulties whilst encouraging your larger potential in the world.

What is Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is an integrative model (drawing from all schools of psychology namely psychodynamics, person-centred approach, cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt, mindfulness and meditation) and is sometimes called ‘a psychology with a soul’ because it embraces the whole person.

It believes we all have the wisdom within us to find the answers to our questions and doesn’t impose any form of doctrine or belief system.

Origins of Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis psychology was founded by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian Psychiatrist and contemporary of Freud and Jung. How it differs from other modalities is that it believes in a creative intelligence at work in the ups and downs of life which is not separate or above us but is our very source.

In Assagioli’s eyes everyone is born with a unique purpose (think of a seed blossoming into a flower or plant) and any repression of this potential is as painful and debilitating as the impact of childhood wounding.

When our purpose and potential become compromised or forgotten, we can begin to feel empty, lost and often profoundly alone. These symptoms can indicate a call to connect to something more nourishing, intimate and authentic and its often at this point, that this unconscious intelligence is nearest the surface of our psyche and with the right support and insight, these symptoms can become the doorway to transformation which is why psychotherapy can be so powerful.

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy aims both to heal the life-limiting and sometimes traumatic experiences of our childhood and to free us to come into relationship with our most authentic self so that our lives can have more joy, meaning and purpose. 

It addresses ALL of who we are –  our past self, our present self and our future self.

Tools and Methods

I use different tools and experiential exercises such as drawing, guided meditation, chair work and inner dialogue to help you broaden your awareness about yourself and the world around you, enabling you to get in touch with your inner strengths and wisdom to make positive changes in your life.

My approach is rooted in the original meaning of Psychotherapy as in the ‘care’ of the psyche or the human spirit.  By caring for the troubled psyche and creating a safe space in the therapy room, you will be able to overcome your difficulties. I offer care and support, which creates the imaginative space that allows the perception of what you find distressing to change, enriching and strengthening your relationship to life.  We cannot change our past, but we can change our relationship to our past.

How we’ll work together

My role is to listen empathically and to co-create a space with you for understanding and healing. Through exploration and reflection together, we make sense of what might be causing the issue and negotiate you towards a greater sense of clarity and the possibility of change. 

“What if the world is holding its breath, waiting for you to take the place only you can fill?” 

David Whyte